HALO Accelerator Program


About Course

The six-week HALO Accelerator Program introduces the guiding principles of The HALO Method, the only business system built around the truth that success and failure have universal intersections across every industry.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: Attend a live lecture hosted on Zoom
  • Tuesday – Thursday: Complete video and exercise coursework here, on your HALO Accelerator Portal
  • Friday: Participate in a live roundtable discussion hosted on Zoom

Accelerator Program Resources:

      • Calendar invitations
      • Weekly Reminder emails
      • On-demand session recordings

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What Will You Learn?

  • Identify what you do today and what you will need to do in the future to continue down the path of success as a high-functioning business.
  • Put your plan in motion by monitoring the right data and information.
  • Develop a plan that helps create focus and prioritizes strategic initiatives.

Course Content

Week 1: Hello, HALO
Meet the business system that demands accountability, measures progress, and prioritizes efficiency.

  • Week 1 Lecture Recording: 9/11/23
  • Week 1 Exercise Instruction Video
  • Week 1 Exercise Workbook – Hello, HALO.

Week 2: Anatomy
Establish or transform your vision, mission, purpose, and core values.

Week 3: Audiences
Determine who your business or organization is trying to reach and develop a deep understanding of their pain points.

Week 4: Holistic Approach
Dive into the six universal pain points experienced by every business that, when leveraged properly, drive growth.

Week 5: Strategies & Tactics
Analyze the unique obstacles and opportunities in front of you and your business in order to identify effective strategies and tactics.

Week 6: Activation
Learn how to activate The HALO Method and, most importantly, how to measure success.